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unifur is a display font based on eurofurence, composed of lowercase letters without ascenders (acemnorsuvwxyz) and capital letters of the same size replacing letters with ascenders (BDFGHIJKLPQT). The letters J and Q have been redesigned so that they have no more descender. The numbers are of the same height as the caps. The uppercase alphabet is 3/2 the size of the lowercase, same letter shapes with the same weight (so it appears lighter and more tightly spaced).

A long time ago, I saw a font like this on the title of a book. I couldn't identify that one yet, so I made my own.

The style

For now, there is only a medium weight. In case of demand, I can make unifur light and bold as well.

The character set

The character set of unfur is the same as of eurofurence, except for some ligatures. The principle described above (replacing letters with ascenders by small caps) has been applied to cyrillic and greek as well (as an experiment). The picture shows only a part of the character set!

Where to use it

unifur looks sufficiently odd to be used for book titles, logos and advertisement slogans rather than anything that has to convey information and be read easily :) It may be combined with eurofurence (or eurofurence classic) for longer text.


  • Download unifur in TrueType format (61 KB zip file)
  • Download unifur in PostScript format (106 KB zip file)

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