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monofur is a monospaced font (all characters have the same width) derived from the eurofurence typeface family. It shares the same style characteristics, but the proportions of most characters have been recalculated to fit into a 1:2 character cell, also some letters had to be completely redesigned.

The styles

So far, monofur exists in a medium weight, upright and italic. If there is enough demand, there might be light and bold versions in the future.

The character set

In addition to the extensive character set of the eurofurence fonts, I added line-drawing characters to monofur (which make not much sense in a proportional font). I didn't include as many ligatures though, as it would look rather silly if ffl is as wide as f.

Where to use it

monofur can be used to represent screen output or to print ASCII graphics, for example - especially in a context written in eurofurence. It may even be used as screen font (in larger sizes - due to the hinting problem ....).


See the credits for eurofurence. Thanks again to Ray Larabie for showing me how to make it show up in the menus of programs showing only monospaced fonts. (Under "Panose", set "Proportion" to "9".)


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